Cannot use while mounted

returning player here…fresh installed game, solo , pve, no mods installed, folder mods doesnot even exist. Problem is when i mount i cannot use any weapon, tool, except torch, getting message - Cannot use while mounted. Am i doing smth wrong?

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Not all weapons can be used while mounted, which weapons are you trying? Additionally, I don’t believe any tools can be used. However, axes, spears, 1h swords & 1h maces should work fine while mounted. Are you playing on PC?

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I’ll add potions to this list, and that you can mount your horse while dragging a thrall with bindings and it will stay engaged.


Yes, i can drag thralls with bindings, question is i cannot use 1h weapons…while my friend next to me can…playing on pc…

One Handed Axe works also. The thing is if you try to use the equip/unequip button and you also have a shield, it will not work, you have to use the hotbar key your weapon is in.

A question, rhino or horse?

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