Can't access Official Fast Servers


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I can’t log into either of these servers:

  • “Official Server #405 PVE-Fast - g-portal”
  • “Official Server #406 PVE-Fast - g-portal”
    However I can log into “Official Server #426 PVE-Normal - g-portal”
    I was able to log in yesterday and logged out just before the daily 5 am update. I’ve tried restarting Steam several times but continue to get the following message: “Pending Connection Failure
    Could not connect to server. Your connection to the host has been lost.”
    I’m on Revision (#94750/17645). Please advise how I can proceed to connect.
    Repro steps:
  1. Close steam
    2.Start Conan Exiles (which restarts steam)
    3.Select my current server
    4.Press “Join”
  2. The above message appears after quite awhile… I believe it times out?

This is fixed with the 5 am patch today (5/3/2018)

This may be a moot problem. According to FunCom they are going to remove all Official Fast Servers from launch. All Offical Servers will be normal speed.