Can't access official servers


I have not been able to access official servers for few months now. I am stuck on infinite loading screen every time i try.
By the way, most of the time it says there are 0/40 players on those servers as well.

I could not think of a single reason why. I play solo. Never aggravate anyone, nor do i use exploits. Plus, if ■■■■■■ decides to ban someone, wouldn’t they inform them about the decision?

Yeah, I don’t think you are banned because if you are, you will get a message saying that you are banned from this server when you try to connect to it. I have 0 experience with ps4 so I can’t help any further though.

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The problem does not happen only to you, after a certain time the server stops working and you cannot enter, it remains in an infinite screen. This problem occurs on all conflicting PVE servers. Many people have complained, but I don’t know if Funcom has solved this problem.

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Has any one had problems loging in to either unofficial or official severs today a few of my fellow server players have had problems and ive seen a few posts on facebook conan communities today of people haveing problems

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Ciao. Ogni giorno nel pomeriggio è impossibile entrare nei server pve conflitto. Rimane bloccata la barra di caricamento e questo succede a tutti gli utenti sui server EU. Facciamo molte segnalazioni a Funcom ogni giorno. Ma nessuna risposta. Molti stanno abbandonando il gioco, compreso me per questo problema. Spero si faccia qualcosa in merito

I had no problems connecting to unofficial servers. That is on PS.

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