Can't adjust my server setting after big update . stamina reset to unusable number i need to adjust to keep people on my server

Game mode: [Online | pvp]
Problem: [server setting Bug ]
Region: [usa]

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this sucked i get my own server was having fun with friend and then u launch new patch and mess us server setting now, my server is almost unplayable unless u are in admin mode. was wonderful game before, loved it, i still do if it worked. my other admin keeps asking to expend the server and we were going to do it for second time but not on broken game . please please fix this soon.

There is a way to get your settings to stick, you have to change the settings then without exiting the menu scroll to the general tab and change your nudity setting. Dont worry you can change the nudity straight back to what it was and your server settings will have been saved
Hope this helps

Hey there,

It’s a known issue that has been reported multiple times over the past few days, please use the search function.
On the plus side, it’s been fixed with the latest hotfix: