Can't aim up or down in melee?

So far I’m finding combat in CE to be enjoyable, except for the one glaring flaw in that melee does not follow the up-down axis of the mouse. My character will only ever swing/stab straight forward, so half my attacks against ankle-biters (crocodiles, spiders, etc.) sail harmlessly above their heads when I’m on the same elevation; if I’m even a foot higher than these enemies, 100% of attacks miss and I’m forced to reposition to a lower elevation to hit. This is true regardless if I am locked on my target or not.

Is this a bug? This can’t possibly be by design in 2018.


We can aim up and down. Apparently it bugs out for some people and won’t let them. Try committing suicide.

Wow, thanks, committing suicide worked. It looks like this bug affects me every time I start the game, even kicking out to the main menu and hopping back in will break up-down tracking. Hope they’ll eventually fix it.

No problem.

Seems like a really strange bug. I haven’t experienced it myself.

It’s a randomly occuring bug. Any time your character loads you’ve got a 50/50 shot of it breaking aim offset and it’ll persist until your character has to load in again be it reloading the game or dying.

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Commenting just for exposure of problem, same problem here! really frustrating

Now this is really weird. I decided to scrap my character, created a new one, and discovered the new character does not appear to have the up-down tracking issue at all.

Too many variables have changed to narrow down the cause though, the old character was created before the recent patch (which did not fix the issue for the existing character), while this new one was created after; I changed the face type and height to be shorter (I doubt it’s relevant, but on the off-chance it’s somehow a bug with the rigging); and I started in a different part of the map (previously started in the eastern-most starting point, this time started in the western-most point).

Will need to do more testing, but my impression is that it’s a bug that strikes right at character creation.

This is completely unrelated but, did you change your new character’s height?

Yep, I went with minimum height, although now that I’ve played with the new character some I’m starting to get the bug again.