Can't apply durability mod on torches anymore!

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[Durability mod doesn’t apply to torches anymore,why?! This wasn’t in the patch notes was it? So definitely a bug right? Please tell me this isn’t a silent nerf please!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.make a torch
2.make durability mod
3.try and apply to torch
4.doesn’t work anymore

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Never tried it with a normal torch, as I read everywhere its patched out some time ago.

I only used it at the Glowing Stick, but not with this patch.

You mean the normal torch or Glowing stick?

Glowing torch

Oh… Yeah, that for sure worked in last patch. Can give it a try at the evening… But when you say it doesnt work.

Hello @Chilling, thank you for your submission, we’ll be sure to poke the devs regarding this matter!

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i can confirm u cannot place the new one on a glowstick. I guess i better not lose the ones i already have modded.

Yeah I crafted a glowing torch for a friend on Monday and put the durability mod on it no problem. She doesn’t have recipe so couldn’t repair it and broke. Made another one after patch and couldn’t apply the advanced durability mod anymore.

The game takes on step into the wrong direction after another…
Way to go managment @ Funcom…

I already bought 30€ PSN voucher to buy the season 2 pass… But in this current situation I dont even want to play anymore…

Thanks alot @hugo! Really appreciate your help and letting the devs know about this issue. Hopefully they can fix it with the coming hotfix. Thank you :slight_smile:

I didn’t try the new one (master) I tried the advanced durability mod and was going to try master but thanks for the info. Now we wait for it to be fix :slight_smile:

Something must’ve gone wrong via introducing the master mods and affected the advanced ones. Honestly I can wait for it to be fix, they have a hotfix coming soon hopefully they fix this then :slight_smile:

Just look at the current PC hotfix… Some things got even worse. At this point they should just revert the whole patch back and bring it out new in 3-4 weeks.

But then again, they rushed it out because of the DLC…

Would also love to get a response of what they said about this matter after you poke the devs about this @hugo just so we know when it most likely get fix and wait. Thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah due time for dlc was up I guess. Maybe revert the hotfix since is apparently worst and work for a more substantial patch to release in a month or so that would fix some of the current main bugs?

And do gods work again or are still disabled?

That would be a question for a different thread but answer to that is they’re still disabled I believe.

I tried the Master mod on that underwater breathe mask, it changes durability from 240 to 180?? :thinking:

Yeah some of these master mods have issues. I was sticking with the advanced ones for now till they get fixed but advanced durability mod doesn’t work on my glowing torch anymore! Lol
Advanced durability mod could be better for now if you’re using it for masks

Its an intended change… only FC knows why it was needed.

Spam the other topic and ask Funcom/Ignasis whats the meaning behind it…

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