Can't beat them join them?

We have a guy on server #4107, he has blocked boss spawns, built around all major villages, block travel paths, litterally built up within feet of our structures stop us and others from building in their bases. We have tried over and over to get someone in here to see this sh*t. But to no avail, moderators, admins, Funcom don’t give a crap. So if anyone wants to come be an a$$hole like this guy (K@K psn btw) we are just going to foundation off the whole map, what’s left of it that is. After all nobody is going to anything about it. Funcom has proven that many times over. So anyone and everyone join up on official server 4107 and lets crash the sucker and ruin 100% of players games!

if your on ps4 join our server gunlocker! If your peaceful peace is offered as well!