Can't block in first person mode

hi guys,
i know the combat system now rather focuses on third person mode, yet i prefer first person for immersion sake whenever i got the chance.
so far it works and i even get along with the sometimes wonky camera but i recently went from 2 handed weapons to axe and shield when fighting bosses
or groups of archers. the problem i have is twofold: in first person i have to stand perfectly still for the shield to work at all (got a weird sliding glitch in instances as well) and running, strafing or moving in general will lower it completely.
in case i switch to third person mode while in the same movement pattern, the shield is properly put up though and works perfectly fine.
it’s most annoying trying to fight the boss in the dregs if i can only block his acid spit in third person.
i hope something can be done about this, since a huge part of the games appeal is exploring the scenery immersed in first person, something age of conan didn’t deliver at its time( i know, different genre and all, yet sometimes its about looks for me :wink: )
kind regards,

I haven’t tried fighting in first person but I have noticed that there is no shield animation while in first person mode. I didn’t even want to try blocking like that, I assumed it wouldn’t work if it’s not showing my shield up.

but i guess it would be doable, i’d imagine it like skyrim, or just as before the combat overhaul, it was perfectly fine then as well covering about a third of your screen, with plenty left to see.
yes third person gives you a better overall view of whats happening, especially in difficult encounters with projectiles coming at you.
but for me that comes at a great cost of atmosphere.
don’t have a oculus or htc vive yet, but when i do you’d have to drag me out of there :slight_smile:

I have the Vive and it’s really cool. I didn’t try it with Conan Exiles yet. I don’t think the game supports VR, does it?

don’t know yet,though i saw a couple of youtube tutorials where vorpx was used for fallout 4 for example and stood superior to the vr version in terms of mod support. sure the controls are “better” on a native vr port but fallout vanilla… no way (meanwhile there are a couple of compatible mods, still i prefer mouse and keyboard / twitch aiming)
can’t do that without breaking my neck now can i ? :wink:
so i guess it should work with vorpx, at least it’s worth a shot.

just a quick search, don’t have the hardware to test it yet and vorpx ain’t for free, so if anyone want’s to test it out, please reply whether it works with the current version of the game.