Can't change research goals

I just completed a research goal. Ergonomics 4 shows as the new research goal and I can’t change it. Not sure if it’s user error or a bug, so thought I’d check here first. I’ve tried selecting every other option.

Research is level locked (or gated), it may be the only research available for you until you level up some.

Just a suggestion.

My preference showed up after a crash. I tried logging out/in with the character, but I guess I needed to exit out entirely before it showed up.

Thanks for the suggestion though. I was wondering if there might be some kind of gating, but my available research options range from 3-7. I couldn’t figure out how/why they’d force me to research the one at 4 instead of 3.

But it was just a bug after all.

Ah, yes indeed, strange things can and do occur when you crash. Always a good idea to close game normally and restart. Glad you got it sorted.