Can't conected to my main server

server 1019 does not answer me, but I have friends playing there, I can enter other servers, but not in my main server, I’ve been 2 weeks, what’s going on?
I tried with direct connection, connect to a friend, and all those things, but nothing works for me, the server does not answer me.
Also reinstalled the game, reinstalled the steam, rebooted the router, reset the factory router, enable DMZ, but nothing seems to work

Could you please explain in some more detail what you mean by that. examples:
-can’t see server on list
-does not connect on “join” button
-game crashes

Also, did you try inputing “1019” to server name and waiting for few minutes?
Just tried it and it took quite some time for that server to appear

Did you notice if ping to your regular servers increased lately?
There is also a chance that there is a problem with the server. (that would be question for devs)

i cant see in server list, if i try to see in server list in steam, cant see too, if i try to see server, whit rigth click in friend name and see server, cant see. this server doest exist for me …

what happens if you put the “1019” to “server name” and wait few minutes?

Here is an interesting article on the subject - Conan Exiles - How to Connect to a Server You Can’t See

FYI that server address is -

Nothing, server not respond to me

thanks you, i go try some of them

nothing… no response for me

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