Can't connect to 1040 PVE-C at all

I could just earlier today. Then it suddenly disconnected me, and it was like I was moved in a whole other region, I see mainly russian servers and servers with 100+ ping.
I had browsed some servers earlier, none of them appeared, and my main one, 1040 PVE C, just suddenly vanished. Direct connect says the server doesn’t exist. Checked server status - says online with about 10-13 people currently. I’m currently reinstalling the game, though I doubt it’ll fix anything.

Hey @Skoplio

Is this issue still happening after the daily server restart?

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I don’t think there was a restart. I went AFK while online for about 10-15 minutes and when I came back, I was thrown in the main menu, and the server was gone. Checked on Server tracking sites, the server was online, but I couldn’t find it. Waited for like half a day, then tried reinstalling.
Thankfully that fixed my issue, apparently.

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