Cant connect to any internet/official server

But im able to connect to my friend single/coop server. Any idea how to fix it?

This has been a problem for me and others ever since the DDOS attack, and it’s been a topic on a few different threads in these forums. Unfortunately, Funcom seems to have totally ignored this problem.

In any event, the only way I’ve been able to work around it is to shut down my virus protection, log on, then restart my protection. I hate, hate, hate having to do this and my patience with this company is beginning to wear thin. Not sure how much longer I’m going to be playing if this problem persists.

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Actually when i talk to g-portal customer service i conclude something. My ticket is in progress but probably problem lies in g-portal side. Frankfurt servers block some players. London servers havent that issue. In few days maybe will be even all Frankfurt servers restart to fix. But its nothing certain. When i will get my problem solved i will post info here.

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