Can't Connect to Dedicated Server (Handshake issue?)

Just downloaded the official dedicated server app and got it set up and supposedly running, but despite being able to find the server in the browser, my connection times out when trying to connect to it. When I start connecting to the server in the game, I can see in the server launcher’s log that it is trying to establish the handshake, but it just repeats the message over and over until the game gives up.

I am running Conan Exiles on my desktop, and have the server running on my laptop. I went into the router settings and forwarded the ports, and also tried changing all of the port numbers and also forwarding those as well, but no luck. The server launcher says that it is running, but I have noticed that while it it starting up, there are a lot of little errors in the log, so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Any help would be appreciated!

Launcher settings: i.imgur .com/Mw9ctI7.png

Router settings: i.imgur .com/S7KBuzg.png

Log with errors: i.imgur .com/VBdPDzh.png

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