Can't connect to server after today's hotfix

See title, @AndyB can you forward this please? Tx

Same, I was logged in for 20 minutes then got kicked and now I can’t even authenticate anymore.


Same issue, i’m connect, use beehive and get one mission, after latency up to hight. When i try try to relog ( i touch Nothing since i play ) game tell me to verify firewall and my connection. Port is open for SWL.
And now “Failed to authenticate with the character server” too ! :smiley:

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At the risk of sounding like a shibe

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Yeah same here, the times this happened before it helped cancelling the authentication and try again multiple times. I closed steam now and tried again, same issue.

@Aeryl mebtioned in the other new thread that FC is aware of it.

I am seeing this also. It is noting “Failed to authenticate with the character server.”

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We’re looking into this now. We apologize for the inconvenience.


I was in a full panic, thinking someone hacked my account. I’m glad that wasn’t it, but now I gotta find something else to do while you fix this. Hm, perhaps peek out at the real world? lol. Eat breakfast at 11 am? Clean? lol.

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This " Unde-corpuscule duality " :slight_smile:

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I took it a step further. After getting the ‘Check connection / Firewall’ stuff, I did a ‘Repair RDB’ thingie.
After that, it gave me the ‘Failed to authenticate’ thingie. Shall we fire up a game of ‘Cards Against Humanity?’ Wait… no. I’m sure some of us would end up dead in a ditch somewhere.


LOL, I was introduced to that game last year and slept in a bathtub full of holy water for 1 month after to feel clean again.

Login and server issues should be resolved as of this writing. If issues persist please @ me. Thanks for your patience!


Ok, trying now @AndyB.
If it doesn’t work you all have to do the Anaconda dance on your next livestream. Deal?

EDIT: NOT your chars!!!


Damn, it works! :smiley:

Yay! It works!

@AndyB Not worked for me, first try i can login but stuck in loading ( New York ), now i have this " lost connection with the territory manager ". :smiley:

EDIT: I managed to connect my alt and it’s connect ( Kingsmouth) but my main is stuck to loading from New York.

EDIT 2 : Worked, i use my main now, Thanks o7

EDIT 3 : Can’t log again, go to the Anaconda dance on your next stream :slight_smile:

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Hey @AndyB…2:23 pm Central time…It’s back, can’t login.

you are right… same for me.

I lost connection with the server (kicked me?) and tried to login again but I’m getting the message about failed authentication with character server. : /

Just kicked us again… seems to be the same issue. “Can’t authenticate…” after being kicked from a dungeon.

Yep it’s down again. Looking into it. :frowning: