Cant connect to testlive, so fix these pls before reopening the servers

writing here because there is no testlive server to play :slight_smile:

-esc key presses esc twice :slight_smile:
-cant build a trebuchet
-healing wraps bugged, causes disconnect upon swtiching to weapon, and cant use while wielding a weapon
-pickaxe doesnt harvest brimstone
-cant see the mats required, unless building an improved craftstation like armorer etc. (if i can see, i wont spend points to unlock maybe)
-cant see the armor bonuses until crafting them (str, agi. etc…)
-cant see the weapon dmg and penetrate percentage untill crafting it (we’re able to see the armors’ armor points, but cant see weapons stats)
-while trying to repair armor (dont remember the name) without the required mats at my bag, the repair clutch animation starts, puts the item to bag, and never stops even i logout and log back in
-started a fight with heavy damage combos while wielding a 2h sword and an enemy with a spear, after the 4th combo his HP was seem like %70-80, and lagged, when i looked him again i saw his HP was like at %20-25
-still need a real explanation about the things we craft, example; you can say yellow lotus potion resets stats and attributes, instead of causes hallucinations :slight_smile:
-after death, corpses sink down to the ground and cant find them without a relog, not always
-beds and bedrolls dont Show up at map, not always
-for some cases i dont understand why i cant build a foundation there or cant build a fence to an existing foundations
-after closing all the top with ceiling, i cant put hatch door frame if i break the ceiling which has a connection to a Wall, but i can replace a ceiling which is not close to a Wall, i mean which is at the middle

will continue when i remember :slight_smile: thx

Roll on the 8th May. Im getting to the point where id really like to play :slight_smile:

-after spending time with farming explosive jar mats, i couldnt harvest star metal, first beacuse couldnt place the jar because the land was not straight, then tried to put foundation near but gives the message cant build here… (got to skip 2 star metals, found a third one and jar didnt explode it :slight_smile: )
-taking damage sometimes at exteremly cold at North, not frostbite
-looted a bag without destroying it (not giving details, hope you know)
will continue…

-login screen while loading, tips pass really fast that i cant read :slight_smile: 3 tips passing in 1 tip time
-after login, if i have my spear at number 1 action bar, and press 1 to wield it, when my action bar 4 is empty, it duplicates the weapon at action bar number 1 to number 4 and then after 5 seconds or some, erases the number 1 action bar weapon and real weapon stays at number 4 action bar.
will continue…