Can't Craft Khitan Epic Armor (I OWN DLC)

Game mode: Online PvP
Problem: Bug
Region: America

The khitan epic armors arent crafting. It shows they are, however, no materials are used when it finishes in que and the item doesn’t populate the inventory of the improved armor bench.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go to the improved armor bench
  2. insert mats needed for khitan epic
  3. craft it

Same here tried crafting it multiple times edit: i tried it after the update and it jist took my stuff but didnt give me anything this only happens when i try to craft the heavy variant

yeah, it’s no biggy for me, maybe for others and role players, I mostly wanted the structures to build a frozen north trap base since it gives 2 bars of heat insulation,nit should theoretically gice anyone who enters our base instant frostbite and become easy pickings for thralls.

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Got the DLC but didn’t try to craft it yet. Maybe it will work after the game is patched for the PS4?

maybe, everything else is functional though.

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Good to know, thanks. And I am still not yet level 30 anyways, so I cannot craft it yet. But I like the looks of the armor sets.

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Sorry for any confusion or if something was unclear. The patch for PS4 went out about 45 minutes ago that unlocked this for those who purchased it. You should be able to craft it now!

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It just disappear led after i crafted the heavy armor the medium works fine