Cant create account due to IP address

I just created an account with FUNCOM and when my wife tried it just after me it said “New registrations are not allowed from your IP address (maximum limit reached). Contact a staff member.” How can we fix this?

Try creating an account via your mobile phone or restart your router, if you have a dynamic IP, can also help VPN

Thanks for the suggestion, tried both ways (from phone and restarting router), Still says the same thing.

Do you mean like a forum account? Or there’s actually a manual Funcom account creation procedure that’s required to be able to log in to Funcom Live Services and not undergoing it is why some of us can’t play?

Want to play Conan Exiles. And with the new updates it says it needs to connect to ■■■■■■ services. Now we left the game for a long time dew to this, (didn’t want the headache), and now decided to give it a try. And yes its a headache. I got my account created on this Funcom site by Conan Exiles - Community - Sign Up. And I could get in my game again. When my wife tried it gave the error message of IP address.

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