Cant drag thrall through water

Built my house on an Island. It seems like im unable to drag thralls through water. Is there a way that I havnt found out yet or do I need to build a bridge :slight_smile: Not a biggie, since Im at the low level river right now, but could be useful to know a trick, if there is any, for the future :slight_smile:

Building a bridge will work. :slight_smile:

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U need to build a bridge iā€™m afraid

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Okidokie :slight_smile: Tnx for the replies :smiley:

Just to clarify, will any depth of water prevent it? Curious for my own sake

If u can walk thru it ur fine, if u swim it will drop the thrall

Horizontal elevators work as well

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Those too but bridge is immediately accessible

BrixunMortar, good thinking, never thought about that :slight_smile:

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