Cant enable Full nudity

The gamepass version specifically has a nudity dlc for PC and Xbox

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Ah I see. Looks like it is the same ecosystem then. Well yeah, get the DLC then :smiley:

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would just like to update, i have the dlc installed but still dont get the option in any of the settings

Try waiting a few seconds when you click the nudity bar. It should then hopefully appear. Make sure the server settings allow for full nudity too.

trying, i have horrible stuttering in game, its unplayable so i may not even be able to play


its strange, never seen lag like this, its horrible

Anything running in the background?

discord but otherwise no

I’ve come across stuttering like you describe without any warning a few times myself. It always turned out to be windows update doing something or some bloatware service from the PC manufacturer that I hadn’t discovered and gotten rid of yet. These things do not show up as running applications in the default task manager window and for some reason Microsoft decided that with Windows 10 they should hide any indications at all that your computer is doing updates until it asks for a reboot.

If you open the task manager (ctrl+shift+esc) and click the more details button on the bottom left, it will show you all running apps and services instead of just the ones you opened. See if your CPU or disc usage or anything else is peaked.

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my GPU hits around 40% but other than that it should work fine

If your playing single player on pc start a new game select custom difficulty and enable full nudity then at character creation select full nudity again.

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