Can't enter Volary or other dungeons

I recently started a private server and there are some issues that I’m working on that I can’t find the answer to. We’ve been playing for a few days and we came across our first dungeon “Volary of the Harpy” and it prompts us to press “x” to enter. We push x and the animation of the door partially opens, but nothing happens and the door isn’t opened enough to try to walk through. I’ve tried three other dungeons and the same issue occurs. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Are you running mods? When you interract with the doors, they port you in. The doors must be glowing blue i.e be active and off cooldown.

I just have the basic downloaded dedicated server. No mods. The door glows blue. Open slightly. Then hangs for a quick second like I’m about to be ported in and then nothing. Same with my brother when he plays. I played offline on a different server and was immediately able to go in.

The door never opens enough to enter. On PC, the animation is the door starts to open when you first press E to enter and then stops and stays there, it requires a player to press E again in order to port through. But that is where the animation ends, with the door ajar, not completely open. There is no walking through, per se, you just port through when you hit E the second time.

I am sure you press X again once the door is ajar, correct?

Yes. I pushed it a second time and waited. Then pushed it again. I tried different parts of the door. On single player mode I didn’t have an issue getting in. Only on my server.

Assume you are using a controller, if you’re pressing X. Are you on a console or using a controller through a USB on PC? I’m not sure it matters, maybe if you’re using a controller on PC, try hitting the E on the keyboard? If on console, I have no idea.

I’m just using the keyboard. I tried E. I tried mapping the use button to a different button. That didn’t work. I’m not sure if something is wrong with one my or settings or files.

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