Can't equip different uniforms


My (female) lumies can wear the Gunslinger. No problems there.


My lumi female can’t wear Magus and Warlock

AS for Gunslinger and Mercenary … i have two versions, the ones from TSW and the ones from SWL


I only see one version of each. Are you using a mod that shows male clothing items on female characters and vice versa?

Edit: Hmm… Elga shows two versions while the default dressing room only shows one.


No I had a female Lumi in TSW, so i have a lot of the deck uniforms … they are different from the ones in SWL, but they are named the same.


The second one is the one that got transferred from TSW and I can confirm that my Lumie alts can wear it. It doesn’t even show up for other factions for me.

The first one is the SWL version. But I can’t equip it on any Dragon or Templar characters.

My Lumie alts can wear both.


I have just my male Dragon char and no transferred (faction) uniform from TSW.
So in my opinion it’s a bug. You get this uniforms from an achievement in TSW Legends and not from the transfer.