Cant find people to do content with

I am going to keep this as simple as possible. I have played since 2005 and I have seen the trend in AO’s population and where things have gone in terms of what players do nowadays etc etc, dont want to get in the numerous details.

My timezone is west coast USA and during the week I may log in during the early evening, no one around (understandable), on the weekend I will log on multiple times per day and see if anyone wants to do anything, send out messages on mass messaging bots, sit on lft for a few hours and ultimately log off. Occasionally I will have a day off during the week so I may log on multiple times throughout the day to see if I can actually play this game instead of paying to use an expensive chat system with graphics.

All that I really want to do is logon, find some people to group with (specifically raids, APF, pande etc) and have some fun and I cant do that. I want to create or join a team and not have to sit around and wait in hopes someone in my org alliance will join, be interested in doing it, or not having enough or the right profs, or sit around on lft for hours. I dont want to have to resort to joining a raid bot with specific times in which they do whatever. In my opinion, that kind of defeats the purpose of paying to play this game. If I am going to play it only on the weekend then I lose out of 20 days of game time a month because nothing happens during the week if I can only actively play it on the weekend.

So with all that said, can someone point me in the direction where people actually want to do content, for fun and not simply doing it to be greedy and sell loot rights so they dont invite outsiders?

I also want to make this perfectly clear, I dont want to debate all the things I could do at other levels or solo because we can go back and forth all day. All that I really want to know is the answer to my question.

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Lately fr00bs are having lots of fun with impromptu raids :slight_smile: You can make a froob and bring your paid along :smiley:

Hey FC what about make RK5 f2p server, still will earn same money because the ppl who are playing RK2019