Can't get Family Sharing to work with Siptah DLC

I’m an admin for a dedicated server. Because of that, I purchase all of the DLCs for the game and use Family Sharing to have two separate Steam accounts: the main account on which I purchase the games/DLCS and play most games; and a secondary account for playing Conan as an admin (it makes building server-wide content and structures easier). Up until one of these many updates the last couple days (for some reason, both Steam IDs felt the need to run separate updates), my secondary account no longer sees the Siptah DLC. It wants me to purchase it. My main account shows it listed, I have the proper family sharing turned on, and the other DLCs for Conan all show up. But I can’t connect to my server on my secondary account via Family Sharing because it says I do not hvae the proper DLC. Siptah is not listed and the only option it gives me is a connection to the Steam store to purchase it.

Any ideas of how to get around this?

@bobcarn I also run a dedicated server. I also use family sharing for a second account. I have not, however, encountered this issue.

Have you checked to ensure your server settings haven’t been reverted to disallow family sharing?

Did you link one or more of your accounts for the Twitch drops? I recall seeing some posts on the forums from other people encountering issues with Family Shared accounts following linking accounts for the Twitch drops when that went live.

I have not bothered with the twitch thing and have not encountered issues using my shared account on my private server. As I am writing this, I am logged in.

EDIT: Ah, I see you call out Siptah specifically. To add a wrinkle to my reply, my server is running the Savage Wilds map. While that map does use some elements from Siptah, it is not the DLC map, so that may invalidate my prior comments. If you would like me to test logging into your server, I am willing to do so if you send me a Private Message with the login details.

Yes, my main account received drops from the Siptah event by watching Twitch videos. I can use either account when connecting to the main map, but the Siptah DLC is not carrying over to the secondary account. It’s not a matter of whether or not the server is configured. When I view the available DLCs on the secondary account, The Isle of Siptah is not listed. Perhaps it is as you said… the twitch drops being active on one account prevents that from being shared onto another.

May be worth putting in a bug report then as that may be an unintended side effect of the twitch drops.

Edit: Just double checked the launcher, and I still see all the shared DLC on the alternate account, including Siptah. So, the main difference appears to be the Twitch account link.

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