Can't get server to recognize port forwarding

I used the server app on a server box, not my gaming PC but on the same network.

I can see my server when I log into Conan Exilies but when I try to log in it gives me an infinite and then times out in about 8 minutes.

I have ports 7777,7778,27015,27016 and 25575 forwarded to the server box and opened them in the firewall.

My NAT is open and my UPnP is on. I have tried toggling both to no effect.

There are no mods.

When I test port Accessibility it says testing the port was not successful

I have tried toggling DMZ on the server as well to no avail. Currently not on.

I am really not interested in public servers, someone elses private or solo play. Please help, I have about 5 people who want to buy the game before the steam summer sale ends but only if we can get this server running.

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