Cant give items etc to other people?

so, i tried to give few of my friends ( not in my clans ) some stuff… they say 'u do not own it " and cant pick it up… bug or new system?

they cant pick up dropped stuff?

or they cant open the (unlocked) chest?

private or official? cause if this is online this might just be caused by some settings :slight_smile:

You can drop stuff on the ground, yes. But any sort of trading via an unlocked chest or a trading window is prohibited by the recent patch nerfing benches and open chests.

This is less secure, and a much less desired method for trading. Trading must be in real time, face to face. Any option to leave items for someone in a nearby or hidden chest are out of the question right now.

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Right now, you need to either remove your bracelet and have the other person loot your corpse (another bug) or go to a world forge like the Altar of Bats or in the volcano.

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its on official… they fixed it already

wierd cause i can still steal stuff thru windows from unlocked chests…

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