Cant join my server anymore since steam went down

Steam went down, after that tried to join my server again and it was not in the list.
So I google it, I had the number since I made a report about griefing.
Tried to “direct connect” says “authentication failed”

I already lost all my stuff and pet I guess but I am afraid I lost all since the server could not handle the steam down subject???

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Cant find a support link or mail…???

This is an obvious question so please don’t take offence … since the crash have you restated your computer? Have you run the verify files program within Steam for Conan exiles ?

Also you can use the “report official server” button on the login screen of server list to bring up the document to report server connection issues.

I am able to join any other server.
I already sent a report in “report official server” button

If I lost all in the server because of this, how do I know it will not happen again if steam goes down?

Steam is currently having issues - Please be patient.

Have you restarted your computer? And done the verify files … I ask again as my clan-mate a few days ago was kicked from the server and couldn’t get back in to it but could enter others. It took a computer reboot and verify files to fix …

I am telling you that I can join any other server… with the same steam account
why would I restart my PC???

A few days ago my clan-mate was kicked from our server and couldn’t rejoin it. He could get into others. I had no issue getting into our server as I had not been online when he was kicked.
After he restarted the computer he could get into the server again.
Therefore I suggest you try it to see if it solves the issue.

Having the exact same issue and series of events on server 1503. Tried restarting and it did not work. However also having issue of no one else seems to be able to connect either.

The weird thing is, that the server is not in my list anymore.
Checked it in Google and is still online and one of the players is there

Can you see the server in your list?

Same I am seeing multiple people in official server 1503. But I cannot connect and when I try using ip it says authentication failed.

And no I do not see the server in the list. Though my friends who were offline can see it but not connect.

I guess is a problem for people who was playing when steam crashed

I see a player I play with in the server, according to a website in Internet (dont rememeber the name)

So just checked the server status again and it is saying I am on the server though I cannot connect into it? It also says my wife is on and she is not online in game either. I think I need an administrator to check for hacks.

What are you using to check server information? I am using trackyserver website.

hi all i have the same problem for server 1208, my girlfriend pc can log to the server and see him, but for me i can"t

we have the same connection and her pc is next to me , it s really strange, if somebody know how can i go again to my server ty ^^

Does anyone currently have a solution for this? I can join any server apart from my current one, (which is Oceanic PVE-C 1972). I’ve used the report server button and tried a number of things including the following, (with the help of some very knowledgeable friends, thanks Promac and Captain America).

1: Rebooted PC and restarted Steam : result = 1972 missing from server list.
2: Re-installed BattleEye : result = 1972 missing from server list.
3: Re-installed all 40GigaBytes of Conan : result = 1972 missing from server list.
4: Backed up steamapps, (I only have conan installed no other games), and re-installed steam : result = 1972 missing from server list.
5: Rebooted router and tried ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew : result = 1972 missing from server list.
6: Shaken my fist at the heavens and cursed Crom : result = as expected, nothing.
7: Tried a direct connect to “”, (1972 server ip) : result = “Authentication Failed”.

Please Halp!