Cant join other single player games

Up until today, I have been able to join my friends single player games so we can test various things before launch. I could join them, they could join my game as well. Something happened now, and when I go to join them (or them to my game) I get stuck on the “Attempting to join game”. My other friends can join any other game, so I’m assuming its something to do with my game.

Verified files, all is good. No recent changes to hardware, drivers, windows updates or anything. Havent even shut my pc off since the last time I played.

Any ideas as to why I cant join/ people cant join me?

Me and a friend have the exact same problem. We could join each others single player game, a few days ago, but now suddenly we can’t. :frowning:

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Yeah same problem here, please fix it Funcom!

Probably an Anti-Virus update since there has not been an update for CE for 2 days now.