Can't join server since rebuilt while others can

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***Online official, can’t get into server, PvE, USA

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***Our server was rebuilt for scratch with new data base. Had no problem logging on before the rebuild. Everyone else can get in now (2 others) however I’m not able to login since the rebuild

. I it takes a long time followed by can’t join server, when I try again I get an Could not connect to Server Authentication Failed. I think I’m being timed out then when I retry getting a duplication logon causing the Authentication Failed. Or so I think. I can logon to 4 other servers no problem and into single player just not our server. See attached images. Is there any way to extent the logon time not to be time out if that is the problem.

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your mods and the server mods don’t match,
contact the server admin to inform them of the problem.

one of your mods could have up dated or failed to up date.
in the folder Conan Exiles / ConanSandBox / Saves, there is a text file that tells the game which mods to load when joining a server. it should be the only text file in the saves folder.
renaming it should let you log into the game to check the version numbers of the mods you need by clicking on the server link.

check the mod pages some mods have links to older builds to use for compatibility issues.

Harby is the admin but I am the server owner… Harby has the same amount of access that I have to this system. I just physically own the hardware and the internet connection.

Here is what is going on… It does a mod mismatch restarts his game then says it can’t connect… This is normal for some reason the first time for everyone… But the second time usually lets the players in after it checks the mods… The issue here although shown but you skipped over is that his Authentication failed…

Look at this screen shot a tad bit closer please and tell me what exactly I can do about this issue for him… I have done everything I can do from this end that I know to do… I can tell you that other players don’t have an issue connecting to the server. You your self can attempt to try and connect if you wish. Tell me if you have any issues…

Here are a list of the mods we are using.
Unlock Plus (with Pickup) v1.4.0 (1.0 compatible)

Pippi - User & Server Management - v3.0.5

Glass Constructions and more…

The Age of Calamitous

Fashionist v3.1.1 (1.0 and DLC compatible)

Thrall War Dungeon Mod

Savage Steel

Less Building Placement Restrictions

Emberlight 2.1.6

Stacksize Plus v1.7.0 (DLC compatible)

Kerozards Paragon Leveling - A Multigun Refresh


The Age of Calamitous - Singleplayer Add-on

Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA)

Roleplay 1.8.1


I was able to connect,

I would have him go to the steam workshop, and unsubscribe from all mods
verify the game file integrity from steam
then let the game loader select the mods for him

I think the authentication is failing because he is not fully disconnecting from the first attempt and the server thinks it’s multiple log in attempts from the same IP

if uninstalling and reinstalling the mods doesn’t work, doing the same with the game is worth a try.

and lastly uninstalling all mods from the server and client, then reinstalling one at a time might isolate the mod causing the problem.

Thanks so much for your thoughts!! I too was wondering the same thing because it takes me a good while to download those mods… What I am wondering is if he is not getting all the mods all the way downloaded… For me it takes me nearly 30 minutes to download them at 100 Mbps download I can’t imagine what it takes a for a user with lower connection speeds.

Thanks again for your thoughts! Also thanks for letting me know that you could get in… I have three other people that have now been able to get into the server as well.

I’m Harby. Thought I add some information. Up until we rebuilt our server and created a new data base I have logged 1478 hours in Conan according to Steam, had have had very little problems logging into our server. The server was rebuilt only a few days ago and now I can’t log on. However I can log into 4 other servers one with a lot of mods and one with only 1 mod with no problems at all, did this as a test to see if I could and if the problem was on my end. As I said I could log into the 4 other servers.

I have also with task manager killed Steam, Conan, and Battle Eye for a fresh log in. Still can’t get in. I have also done the above with also unsubscribing to all mods and trying to log in. Also I have done a repair for both Steam and Conan and still can’t get in.

The two times I was able to get in I’ve gone through the log in process gotten pass the mod check and get the first message can’t connect. While sitting at that point the server was restarted and once was up I could continue from that point onto the game as the first log in was erased in the reboot.

It seems to me there is somewhere, Steam or Conan a timer that logs you our of the process if you don’t log in within that time frame. Trying to log in after that only generates the Authentication Failure. I’m wondering if somewhere the allowed time to log in can be extended.

I’m about to the point of walking away from Conan.

Sure hope someone can help.

Harby the best solution is that we run with no mods… I know that’s not what you wanted to hear… But I think you have a network issue… I will gladly setup the server with no mods if you like?

if he gets in with no mods, you can always add them back one at a time.

the game uses a text file to load mods, you can edit the file to choose which mods to load or no mods.
its easier than installing through steam, the client side text is in the save folder, I don’t know for sure where it is server side, but I would guess it’s in the mod folder just like single play.

Edit* the Client side text file is in the ConanSandBox folder, and called servermodlist.txt
sorry about that.

It would appear that Sam from Hawaii can’t get in either. He tried removing Conan from his computer than reinstalling Conan and still can’t get in. So lets see 3 can get in and 2 can’t.

Actually we are running a dedicated server in linux using wine where you stated is correct for the modlist.txt but we use shell scripts to capture the actual mods through the steamcmd system using wine i know its probably complex for a windows single player type gamer to see would gladly show you around a bit to my world… Here is the link where it talks about wine and linux and the installation.

Now as we are talking about @harby46 not being able to load in… I decided to create a non modded server for him tonight for when he wants to play but can’t load in his mods… We have a 8 core Ryzen 7 1700 dedicated to this with NVME SSDs and 64 gigs of ram which 32 gigs are portioned to him with 8 threads via Proxmox…

As far as running a Modded Server @harby46 I think with your connection issues we should avoid mods all together…

So the new server will be

Harby was able to get int the server just fine with the non modded… I am thinking more and more that the mods are the biggest draw back for him…

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