Can't knockout thralls (singleplayer)

Woot! New patch! Tons of fixes listed!.. Oh, none of them work?.. And none of them make my online/solo server anymore playable? Well, at least thanks for making it harder to heal while the lag and crashes take turns doing bad butt-stuff to my soul

I’m getting the exact same thing. No grey bar above thralls heads, can actually beat them to death with a 1 damage truncheon as they never get ko’d.

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Same here, no grey bar.

(Running on Xbox One X)

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Did you folks look at the Thrall Wake-up Time slider?

Still having the same problem here mate. It’s such a huge mechanic of the gameplay, but yet single players can’t enjoy any of it. It’s truly upsetting. I’ve tried using three different clubs on lvl 1 thralls and all I get is broken clubs.

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Still happening to me on my Xbox One single player game. Wish I could say I found the UberSecret workaround.

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Anyone tested making new sp session+new char if that helps?

I’m at the point where I’m going to try this. I’m playing offline in single player and just made the wheel of pain. So here I come thralls, look out. Or maybe just take the punishment and die, then I’ll be pissed.

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Been off for awhile but noticed a new update. Just gave it a go and nothing has changed. Can’t believe they added a $10 dlc before they made their game playable for everyone. What a slap in the face

I know it looks bad but, the DLC team has nothing to do with fixing bugs. If they aren’t working on this game, CE would lose them for other funcom projects. And once lost, they may not come back… or they could have to start fresh with new artists (probably causing a whole different set of issues as they learn to add new objects and art to this bug filled mess).

Same issue, this is just sad. Funcom please fix!

Do any of the admins or mods EVER respond to ANY of the posts on this forum? I’m beginning to wonder.

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Another update yesterday with no fix to the offline knockout problem. I also noticed I can no longer loot an enemy inventory without opening it first now. I miss this game tons, but my friends and I agree that it’s not worth playing until the majority of the bugs get sorted

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since the new DLC, i started playing single player. same problem, but i’m on PS4. no knockout bar visible.

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Soooo… Been awhile. Figured I’d turn the game on to see if funcom was worth a fart in the wind. Still nope. I feel stupid for buying this game

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I experienced similar issues on PS4 playing solo offline. Made myself admin then selected a preset difficulty (Decadent). Adjusted sliders to my liking and was prompted reset server, logged off then back in and the thrall issue was fixed.

Has this been fixed yet?

I’ve just bought Conan Exiles for my XB1, and have been playing for a couple days now. I’m really enjoying the game, but I too am experiencing this “no stun bar” bug when trying to subdue NPCs.

I play offline SP only, can’t do online (my connection speed isn’t good). I’ve tried tweaking the admin settings a little but haven’t found anything that’s fixed this problem yet. Does Funcom even know about it? From all my searching, I’ve only seen this bug mentioned a couple other places. It seems like a rare problem that doesn’t affect many people.

Edit: I just went back in game to try some things and I fixed it. I went into the server settings, and under General, I chose a difficulty preset then altered the rest of the settings to my liking. Then I quit the game and restarted it. The stun bar is there now, and i even got my first thrall. :slight_smile:


Just read through all the comments looking for a solution. I thought I had tried everything in the settings, until I read the above post that is. It works, simply choose a difficulty setting, I chose civilized, and I didn’t even have to restart the game. Ran up the first thrall and the knockout bar, (consciousness bar, white bar) was now visible and I was able to finally knock out a thrall in single player. Big Thanks (New users can’t mention other players :slightly_frowning_face:)