Can't knockout thralls

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: anywhere

Truncheon breaks before you can ever knock one out anymore.

I get home from work and now white bar is gone

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

There are several different truncheons.

Truncheon - Crafted in player Inventory - Requires Lesser Wheel of Pain Feat
Iron Truncheon - Crafted at the Torturer’s Bench - Requires Wheel of Pain Feat
Steel Truncheon - Crafted at the Torturer’s Bench - Requires Greater Wheel of Pain Feat

If the thrall is a higher level thrall then you will need the Steel Truncheon.

You did not state specifically which truncheon you are using or the level of the thrall that you are trying to knock out.

I hope this helps.

I used a steel truncheon, no knockout bar ever appears. Hit thrall 30+ times and the thrall takes damage but no nockout at all.