Can't log back in

Since the beginning of the month I’ve been experiencing login issues, to be more exact I’ve started having this issues after wb appeared this month. I’m using Strange UI for past few months with no issues and no changes to my hardware/ software. I’m getting kicked out when I change zones(not all the time) or first time it happened after wb died I crashed then I can’t log back in… it says server might be down for maintenance or internet not avail, contact customer support. The only way I can log back in is to repair broken data. Any ideas? Anybody went through this issue? Thanks

P.S. I did update the video card driver, I was told that might be the issue but it’s still doing it after the update.

if you have to repair broken data every time, I’m sorry to say that your files are probably getting corrupted frequently. I would start by checking the integrity of the hard drive/ssd on which the game is installed.

I did test the ssd and no errors. And I have no issues other then AoC. I play other games too and no issues whatsoever. You think a redownload and reinstall game/ui?

try moving the game files to another (physical) disk.

Will do, thank you!