Can't log-in back to the game

I’ve been questing in Eiglophian Mountains and when trying to zone to Ymir’s Pass game crashed and can’t log back in. Two errors appear, one saying: “Lost Connection to server”, and other error below it saying: “Failed to authenticate with character server.” I’m running the game from steam.

We’re seeing this issue more and more often. Idk if it’s user related or fc/ server/ isp. I’ve started having this problem about 6-8mths ago and I thought it was something broke ingame, I used to fix it with “repair broken data” in the patcher but after a while it wouldn’t work anymore that’s when I suspected the isp. So now when I have this issue I disconnect my laptop/ pc from internet for 2-3 min and it works, if not I reboot my router too and it always work. Hope it works for you as well. Good luck!

Thanks for ideas. I’ve just tried to normally connect and it works.