Can't log in - Funcom live services

Can’t log in - funcome live services

After launching game won’t log in to my account - “restart or try later” - anyone else getting this? on steam

I am getting the same issue with the Steam version.

Launch the game, says “Failed to Login - Please restart or try again later.” on the menu screen.

yep same here

Seems it could be a steam issue. See this thread for more if you haven’t already -



works again for me

Same here cannot log in at all


A veces falla

Hey there,

There was a temporary downtime with Steam services last night that affected connectivity to the game. It should be resolved by now, but our team is looking into any possible remaining issues.


what happens if your company is not in the mood to work further on this program?

I remember Fatshark closing their services leaving a living community without chance to play “War of the Roses” furthermore…

Playing on a french server without mods. Since 1 day you warp around and get reset. It was a nice server, good ping, stable, populated mostly 10-over 30 people, even at late times. Now empty and not playable.
Bravo Funcom. They are french. They will not say a word. You see I am german. Makes things more difficult, y’know? At least it was so in the past… We guys are more… uncomfortable…

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