Cant log in to my modded server

I have had my own private server since ea launch and newer had a problem to log in to it, i have Gardener and Lts farming isntalled on it and have had for a long time, but since the last update i am unable to log in to the server, it tells me my mods are in the wrong order, i have tried to restart the server and uninstall/install the mods in different orders but nothing works.

Have you contacted the modders?

I would uninstall the mods, start the game too see if it opens and operates.
If it does, it may be an issue of the mod needing an upgrade to accommodate the changes in the update. Check to see if the mods you are using have an updated version. In most cases, when there is an update or new content, mods need to be updated so they work as intended.
If it does not, the problem should be brought to Funcom as happening in a vanilla state.

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