Cant log into my account and i just spent 145$ on it yikes

please help 3 of my 4 accounts went down and i just bought gametime and 4800 funcom points

realy no help at all? guess i was a fool to pay 145$ for a dead game with no support and crap staff i have been back off and on for 20 years on these accounts i am foocking pissed guess i will boyycot funcom for life and laugh the m off stage and gamecon

Once you have a support ticket number you could try messaging AndyB on the discord server and ask if he can take a look.

man this sucks


You have now entered the world of FC/AO customer service. Please expect 7-30 days for a response via the ticket system. AndyB is not a customer service representative, he is a Community Manager, please do not contact him in regards to account matters. This is standard wait time, this is not an exaggeration.

In regards to your dead game comment. Yes the game is dead/on life support. As a result, to reduce costs, customer service help is limited. This is actually a standard in many old MMORPGs whose player population is extremely low.

Lastly, many people will say that I am trolling, but if you do a quick search on account problems that people have posted here on the forums, it is far more common than you think/they want to admit. FC has and will continue to have problems. Do you want to deal with them? Do you care? You might be the only one who does because they dont.

and i pay a higher subsciption then any game in the world for this crap support and i have been paying for 20 years at this point i give up i will play anarchy more if a new companies hosts it since the original creators sold the game the support has been a joke as is the state of the game i see why funcom got booed off stage at gamecon

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Since you already started ranting about boycotting after just a few hours I doubt anyone here will miss you with that mindset

Just wait a few days. If you can’t miss the money hat long you probably shouldn’t have subscribed anyway

It makes people angry when you purchase something and receive nothing in return. It is called stealing and Funcom will not get back to him on his support ticket. I can tell you that from experience. I had to personally pm Andy B to get any action. They even deleted my post here on support forum and threatened to ban me if I made another post. Good luck. Best option is to find that Andy B guy somewhere in the nether

Seriously, waiting times for an answer are often more than a few hours in other games. That isn’t stealing.

If after a week no reply then you can be angry. But after a few hours you start ranting it’s probably your own mindset that’s the problem

The reality is, is that some people dont want to wait an unknown amount of time to receive a product that is expected to be delivered instantly. There is always a threshold for people’s patience on such matters and whether they wait hours, days or weeks makes no difference in to what course they want or should take.

The sad thing is for people that dont receive what they paid for and get no reply from support will then contact their bank and tell them no product was received and will refund them the money. This flags the account by FC for an insta perma ban. In very rare cases they will unban you but will involve you having to pay for the charge back on top of what you want to pay to resubscribe or they may not do it at all. Charges deemed “fraudulent” is srs bzniss.

and is not smart to pretend you know how long i been at this.

still no solution my game time is ticking away :frowning:

Just be careful.they will ban you if you keep posting

as i paid 15$ sub on 4 accounts and bought 3 grace keys at 15$ each and bought 40$ worth of funcom points and 3 of 4 of my accounts are frozen and unplayable as my game time i purchased tics away and i dont have any more money for more game time ya up theirs i am dispute the 145$ with my bank i want full refund at this point

Well, you will be perma banned on all accounts. If that is something you are willing to accept then go for it.

Greatest customer Service Award goes to Funcom!!! The worst company of all time. Was actually interested in their upcoming conan game but it’s a huge gamble sending them money

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