Can't log onto Private , Multiplayer Server (memory error)

Game mode: [Online | multiplayer]
Problem: [Crash
Region: [NA]

My friends have a multiplayer PVE private server that I have been playing on about a week. 1 day after the patch I start getting a This Memory could not be written to , Error . Never had this problem before and now its impossible to log into that server, my game just crashes and gets the same error.

Things I HAVE done.

Closed all things that are not 100% necessary on start up, disk scan, enlarged my virt memory, checked my RAM , Updated my drivers, and last night I uninstalled and reinstalled the game.

Still does it.

I have 0 Mods , I can get on public servers fine. Just this one server i can’t get on.

also weird thing is that the opening cinematic takes a while before it will let me click it off, I have to sit though at least 30 seconds of it each time no matter what.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Start conan
2. Try to log onto friends private mulitplayer PVE server
3. Game Crashes, memory could not be written to error.

I get the same crash after the latest update. Before that I had no issues. I have reinstalled the game in physically different hard drive and still same issue.

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