Can't login. No answer from email support

UPDATE2: I wrote further Down how I solved it. I have NO IDEA why it worked but I used a vpn, a clean browser (portable one). Requested pass for account. Used temppass from mail and logged straight in. Now changed password and email as well and checked login Works. All OK. Support how can this happen?. Why can’t I login to my account using reset temp password via my regular browser from my own ip?. It’s very weird, anyways problem solved on my own. Would be Nice With some feedback tought.
UPDATE. Regarding [Funcom Support #1103491]

Hi. I am a returning player and I have as many others login issues (among other things). I sum up and try to be short. Note that I am able to login to the game itself but not my accounts on web. This is also the case for my secret world account. I would prefer to get help so I do not have to sum up everything for another employee. I have of course tried many times to reset password, send usernames as well. Nothing works. Itæs the same with secret world account. I am giving up without any help.

1: I am not able to login on a masteraccount containing my toons from way back in time
2: I am neither able to login to a couple new froob accounts on web (still game login works).
3: Also I am not able to make ANY new accounts (even when using proxy and a new email (I do NEED two more accounts for buffing slaves for usage to twink on my paid account later. I expect to be able to make new characters at least…

And last to be very direct and blunt. I DO expect a representative to help me with this, do NOT advise me to the email support as it is a joke and takes forever, this wont cut it, takes way long. If you want me to pay and start playing again, so help me. Else I leave AO perm and go back to Wow and wait for the game to finally die. I do not mean to be rude, but the support for AO really is a JOKE these days, and also to expensive as no updates are done and bugs remains unfixed…

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Hey mate. i am in the same boat. same problem. i am on ticket 1103330, so even ahead of you. also no answer and today is day 8… contacted them via mail, ticket, petition, twitter, discord and pm… nothing. its really sad…

pm me when you know more

EDIT: Scrap that…, Logged in, changed password to a new. Then the same fun again, Can’t login loop routine. I wait for assistance. Playing my froobs while I wait… :stuck_out_tongue:

Strangely enough. I was now able to login to my masteraccount containg almost all my accounts. What I did. I used protonvpn, used a clean portable opera browser, and BAM. I was able to reset my pass. Don’t tell me why, but The temppass never worked until I did this now. Lets see if I can fix my 3 other accounts (one of them SW game) :O. No I am not joking.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had trouble accessing one of your accounts. Customer Support can not help you with any account or billing issues you may experience over the forums. If you’re having trouble with an account or billing issue, your best option is to submit an email support ticket and wait for a reply. Our support team is working to answer everyone’s pending requests as swiftly as we can.