Can't Login to Game


I’m actually looking for some help in recovering my TSW account that is linked to my current SWL account. Since there’s no active TSW forums and my SWL account is linked to TSW, I’m trying my luck here. I’ve tried putting in a ticket but have so far received no response. Following the recovery process gives me confirmation that an email has been sent, yet it is not arriving in my email (all Spam etc folders have been checked). I have my username but my password isn’t working.

Ticket ID: [Funcom Support #1164606]

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Still waiting on a response!

Hi guys,

Still waiting!

Try contacting a dev in Discord

Hi there!

Does TSW have its own Discord or is it the Discord that’s put in one of the links on this forum? Which dev should I be contacting?

I don’t know if there is an official TSW discord, think the only official one is for SWL unfortunately. I did just ask in the SWL discord if they have any advice as to how you should proceed.

Edit - Couple of posters on Discord have noted that there isn’t an official TSW one, and reminded me that there is very often a long wait even for SWL tickets to be answered, particularly if you aren’t a current Patron.

If you spend a little more time on this forum reading messages you unlock the ability to send direct messages, and should be able to DM a support representative to follow up on your ticket. Bear in mind though that they may not be able to help you from here on non-SWL issues.

Hi Broc!

Thank you very much for that information. As a Grandmaster from TSW, I’m sure that status carried over to SWL - whether that counts for much in terms of their ability to answer tickets is yet to be seen.

I appreciate you letting me know about reading messages on this forum to unlock DM abilities - I shall get right on that.

I’ll continue to check on this thread daily in the interim as I’m reasonably sure it should be a fairly simple task given my TSW and SWL accounts are linked (and probably way back to AoC days).

Thank you very much for the help!

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Just a daily check in, hoping for follow up from a dev!

This has been solved now and my account has been returned again! Thank you very much!