Cant loot decayed bases bags

its been promised a solution to this since november 2018,

all that we are asking is the same treatment as PVE-C (which you cant also attack structures) can we just get this fixed and have the same settings regarding looted bags as you can see in pve-C?

i have wrote a couple threads about it lately been totally ignored by @Community , evne when its a request that more than 90% of the people that plays over pve wants it back.

please say something. thanks!


Hey again Palm! :slight_smile:

We understand completely that you’re anxious about the status of this feature. The long and short of it is that there isn’t an update yet. We said in November that we’d start looking into an alternative, but other things were prioritized (like game balancing and critical bugs and issues).

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hey Jens,

can you guys just set it up as it is in PVE-C , i believe noone is asking for a full blown feature, just to bring back how it was. we believe it must be a setting somewhere. cause in pve-c you can loot decayed bases, and building damage is totally disable as it is in PVE. can you please ask them if there is anything they can do? and to understand why PVE-C can loot bases, and not regular PVE?

thank you for responding.


You could loot them in EA, they need to turn that back on again for sure

It is one plain setting. Something about ownership being ignored. This causes anything other than locked chests+vaults to be accessible by anyone.
It’s probably been switched off due to salty feelings, but then again lootbags always got owners too, thus causing noone being able to loot these… :confused:

wonder why people can loot em in pve-c and not in pve? both have the same building damage restriction.

and yet in pve-c you can loot it, and not in pve-c , we are not asking for looting people body, which you can/could do in pve as well.

@Jens_Erik this is specially important as we use that to help people joining the servers, and i believe there is a good group of people that came from the free weekened event that will love to get a bit of help :slight_smile:

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Because the setting is not tied to building damage.

It is one switch for letting you loot lootbacks and letting you access every other containers, too.

Enabling loot bag looting would mean to allow stealing from crafting stations at the same time. I am pretty sure most PVE players would considers this the lesser evil.

Is this not a critical bug? I think the community would rather have you work on this rather than some of this other, more difficult to implement, stuff that has been put in recently.

Honestly, this doesn’t feel like a bug that “accidentally” got introduced to the game. It feels more like a developer was playing on PVE, got their house looted, went all Cloudsound Rage, and changed a simple setting because they were salty.

Can you say, with all honesty, that this fix is really so hard as to take several months to implement?
Especially since you’ve already implemented it on PVE-C?

When PvE could loot decayed bases loot bags we could NOT touch someone’s corpse or access their workstations when they were not in a decayed & destroyable state …so they just need to restore that function …back to what it was …

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They cannot, as they streamlined the ownership function when introducing the new Event log.

Reverting that would break the event log all together and whatever else, meaning it is a considerable development effort.

And that’s why it is untouched since November.

The problem from what i understand is loot is tied to player damage setup, not the building damage set up. Even though the loot is in your base, it is programmed as tied to the player(s) of clan. So with PVE, there is no loot drop no death, and PVE-C and PVP there is loot drop. But i could be wrong as well. PVE-C is only for 6 hours a day. do not know if loot bags are available during the non PVP time on PVE-C. Some one please correct me if i am wrong or test if they can loot decayed bases outside of PVE-C pvp time.

This change seemed to coincide with the Exploit fix of raiding on PVE/PVE-C. So fixing it back so to speak, may open up that bug again.

PVE-C loot bags are available during the whole day, it seems they only PVE changed (or got bugged) pve-c remain unchanged of what it was before they did it.

It is this checkbox:

That’s the difference between PVE and PVE-C/PVP.

All they changed was this setting apply to lootbags too when they streamlined it for the new event log back in October.


thank you gnadolin…

@Jens_Erik , you guys said you noticed this was a unwelcoming / unpopular change, and that you guys wanted to bring back scavenger mode, the solution for now is just a checkbox. that will bring everything as it was,before the unwelcome change. you guys say you listen to the community, please just check that box. please hear the community. its been like this for 4 or 5 months already.

thank you.


Woah stop!

When they tick that checkbox for official PVE it will affect all containers!

Your workstation, your chests (unless explicitly locked), your vaults, your slavewheels, your storage boxes. Everything is fair game for everyone to take then, including grabbing stuff through windows.

You really want that prize for being able to scavenge decayed bases?

no, we dont really want that, we just want the same rules regarding loot bags you can find in PVE-C .

in pve-C you cant touch benches, or buildings .yet you can loot bags from decayed places in those servers. … if that is the case, then , there is something else behind it… we cant see in the options

funcom people… please?

make PVE-C decayed base looting rule into PVE? they both should be the same regarding structures.


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