Cant move a toon to siptah, my account had no cooldowns

my account had no remaining cooldown… 3 days later they decided to disable transfers, and enabled it to happen once every 30 days. so if i was under no cooldown? why i cant move my toon?

question why did they re enable the transfer? if you cant move a toon back? PVE had a 24 hours cooldown, and pvp had 7 days or was it 5 ? so if an account had no remaining cooldown , why does it had one when they re enable it?

so if someone moved a pve toon from or to siptah, waited for the cooldown to expire, then funcom disable it , and re enable it, you cant now send it back, .

cant understand the logic behind re enabling it, if you cant use the server transfer feature to send back the stuff or toon you want to send back .

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It’s due to the issues with the transfer system. The cooldown was increased to 30 days, the timer will deduct the number of days since your previous transfer.

So even though you may have been out of cool down previously, your account is still subject to the new timer.

The logic is clearly to minimise any further risk, whilst giving us a single opportunity to return our characters.

It’s unfortunate but personally I’m shocked that they re-enabled it, even with the extended cooldown.

Good Luck!

what was the logic behind re-enable it ? so people can move back to their home servers? how ? i am really confused as to why they allowed the transfer, they should have left everyone with one transfer when they enabled it back, otherwaise it fails the purpose of going back to a server if i need to wait 30 days,

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Or that a group of friends can all arrive at a server, but it’s no longer very tactical.

Yes they re-enabled it so people could return to their original servers if required. The cooldown was extended to limit transfers.

Unfortunately in your case you transferred fairly recently so you are one of the unlucky ones who will have to wait a while.

Hopefully the issue is resolved soon, as the 30 day cooldown is just a temporary measure. The alternative option was to leave everyone completely stranded until they fixed the problem.

i got 2 accounts, my main account should be good to transfer items, but i got 2 high level toons in each server , so that account is locked,. my second account i use it to transfer stuff back and forth (that one is locked for a month)

anyone looking for someone to move stuff from any pve server to any other pve server? i am available ,i could use my main account as i dont plan to use it to move my stuff (as it will require me to delete one of my main toons which is not going to happen)

if someone has an account that does not plan to use it for any server transfer any time soon. drop me a line, i can trade the slot i got in my main account for someone willing to help me move some stuff, level 32 -36 :slight_smile:

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I think everyone got a 30 day timer. People that transferred recently get to subtract the time from when they last transferred from that timer.


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