Can't pickup Twitch-items

Game mode: [ Online private ]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvE ]
Region: [ EU ]
Mods?: [ Yes ]

Bug Description:

One member of our clan got the recipes you can get for watching on Twitch, and he made items from these recipes to be used in a treasure hunt. I got all the treasures he placed on the Isle of Siptah, and I found out that I can not take back some of the items back into my inventory, once placed. These include the Walltorch of the Watchers and the Bear Statue. I did not check other items so far because I feared that I can not pick them up again, either.
EDIT: I did not try whether or not destroying the item works, but may do so later, once I get more from the creator.

Expected Behavior:

I expected to be able to pick up the items again, after placing them in the world, like it works with other walltorches and statues.

Installed Mods:

Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling
Shadows of Skelos 2
Shadows of Skelos Extended

Steps to Reproduce:

Get a Walltorch of the Watchers from someone who can build it and mount it to a Stormglass wall. Then try to pick it up again.
Take a Bear statue that you got from someone who can build it and place it somewhere in the world. Try to pick it up again.

I believe it works the same way with any DLC item. If you do not own the items you cannot pick them back up.


Confirmed, all DLC works that way. You can pick the item up from a chest or bench and use it if a clannie made it for you, but once placed in the world, you can no longer interact with it unless you own the DLC. That means you can’t even drink from DLC fountains if you don’t own the DLC. Unfortunately, this is intended (AFAIK).

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Thanks, @rigultru and @DaVice for your explanations :slight_smile:

I own all DLCs, just not the Twitch items, so this experience was quite new to me and thus I believed it was a bug

Ran into this as well. I thought the items were broken. I understand not letting players MAKE items they don’t have the DLC for obviously but to not even be able to pick up decorative items? That’s going a bit far and seems more than a little petty.

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