Can't place some altars on raised foundations

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | Misc]

I built a slightly raised 4x4 square platform of stonebrick foundations to place a Derketo altar on, and it won’t let me place it.

I keep getting the “not enough contact with the ground” error message.

If i hit the “align to ground” button, nothing happens.
If I sink it way into the foundations, it’ll eventually let me place it, but now the altar is literally halfway into the platform. (It’s steps are no longer showing.)
If I sink it into the foundations and then hit the align button, it pops back out to the foundations’ surface, but still “not enough contact with ground”.

Went into singleplayer to test and this is happening for all non-dlc foundations.

I don’t think the altar is registering the foundations’ surface fully. If i build a platform on really uneven ground, it won’t place at all, no matter how deep I try to sink it.
The platform in my online game I built is on pretty even ground, so I think that’s why I can place it there when I lower it into the foundations.

I tested with all of the T1 altars in singleplayer. The problem only seems to affect the Derketo, Mitra and Jhebbal Sag altars. Set, Ymir, and Yog don’t seem to be affected.

Not sure if related, but the Derketo altar also seems to need almost a full foundation of space behind it, while all the others i can place directly against a wall, and sometimes partially inside a wall. Makes centering it on the platform, or aligning it to a back wall, practically impossible.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Pick a spot of ground and build a raised 4x4 square surface of square foundations.
  2. Try to place Derketo, Mitra, or Jhebbal Sag altar on it

From what I have witnessed with the floor/foundation pieces is the edges of the platform are not considered floor.

You can see this by making either a 2x2 square foundation/surface or a 6pc wedge circle and try to place a torch or other small surface piece in the center where the floor pieces connect. It will not be possible.

A solution to this may be as simple as changes to models or meshes, or be a serious undertaking depending on how the game is coded.

I have alters placed on 5x5 platforms. It seems that the ground determination is in the center of the alters, so an odd number set of platforms should center a floor in the middle of the alter allowing for a placement.

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Further testing last night showed this was actually the source of my trouble. Apparently the Derketo altar needs a 5x4 space to be placed.

You can place it in the first 4 rows of blocks, then eliminate the last row and build a wall behind it after its placed. I spawned in the necessary items in singleplayer to upgrade it fully, and it never moved.

Technically all the altars only take up a 4x4 space when fully upgraded, but some of them want more space when you initially place them.

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