Cant play anymore after last update

I can not access any server after the last update. The game is immediately inactive. Also with the singleplayer. I have no mods installed and already played over 500 hours on PC. Please help me.

I think first thing to try is to verify integrity of game files on Steam
right click on game - properties - local files - verify integrity of game files

if that does not work, maybe someone will suggest another option, but at last resort, reinstall the game.


I have already done that. Unfortunately without success :-(( Other Options??

Please by no means take this as “step by step”, but here are some options:

if you have a single player game on, that you do not wish to lose, there are simple steps to preserve it (if not corrupted). If so, say and instructions will be provided.

If you saved your single player game(s) or you do not care about it, usually the most efficient way is (as mentioned), to reinstall game.

As I understand, you are currently unable to connect to any server (servers do not see your client same version as they have), AND unable to play single player. If both true that suggests corruption of some files of your installed game (even if “verify” clears it).

Recently there were some false positives reported by AntiVirus softwares (Avira…) on a .DLL file (details to be provided if needed, also largely discusses on this forum already)

Bottom line: if you secured (or do not care about ) your single player game, and you internet connection allows it, simply delete and reinstall the game (let the computer do the work over night)

I hope some of this helps :slight_smile: )


Do you mean it exits to window without any error message ?

If so I had one time this issue and it was because my antivirus, after an update, do not recognized CE to be the same game I already given all rights to use internet to run :expressionless:

Maybe it’s something like that happened to you.

@ Meo
Hello, first of all thank you for your effort.
I had already deleted the game on Steam and reinstalled. Should I also delete all extra files on my computer? I would like to keep my single game, how can I do that?

Hey @Iska. the single player game would be located in the game folder under “\ConanSandbox\Saved”
default path would be something like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved

If unsure of your path, please right click on your game on steam, properties and “local files”. then navigate to path I suggested on top line. the main file you are looking for is “Game.db”

Also, as you already (re)installed the game, I am not sure if your old single player game was preserved at that location. Go to suggested folder and see if modify date of “game.db” is older than your recent install. In that case you are good to continue. another way to check is to simply play the game, go to single player and see, if you have an option of “continue game”. That would also suggest your game was preserved.

this was all me talking from personal experience. I never put much interrest into single player version, so, as already mentioned, I am unsure of behaviour on the matter (beyond what I said).

Please reply on results :slight_smile:

Could I also recommend that you save two folders instead? Both Config and Saved will get you back to where you were, and if the latest Game.db is corrupted you can manually revert to a previous save.

Regards, from a longtime solo player with 5 saved games …


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