Can't play coop

Game mode: Coop LAN
Type of issue: Connection, terrible UX
Server type: any
Region: EU

coming back to this game after a while out and I’m incredibly disappointed with it.

My wife hosts a coop game on our LAN. I try to join it.

Direct connection via IP results in connection timeout.

Right-click her name in my Steam friends list and select “Join game” asks me for password. Entering the correct password results in an error that password is incorrect with no option to try entering the password again. All future “join game” attempts now go straight to the incorrect password message with no option to enter a password again.

Restarted game and tried again. Steam “spam prevention” seems to be blocking the join game request so my wife sends me an invite via steam… click “play game” and get the password box again… enter the correct password and get presented with a screen claiming that my mods don’t match those of the server.

At this point I should point out that my wife and I spent ~1 hour going through all the mods we have to ensure that we both had identical mods selected and in the exact same order making… so why doesn’t the game think they are?

Ticked the box to auto-download the mods… game restarts and I’m left back at the main menu.

Attempting the “join game” option through steam now results in nothing, nor can I accept an invite from my wife. Restarting the game again.

Join game & invite now both result in the “incorrect password” error again.

Suffice to say that this is not the level of quality I would expect from a company with Funcom’s history and stature.

Couple points that should be made:

  • Did you shutdown ur AV and Firewall?
  • Steam mods corrupt on downloading. Its possibly the worst platform to acquire your mods from. So deleting them completely and downloading them is necessary. Its why I dont play with mods anymore.
  • Runing a file integrity verification test is recommended.

Think I am leaving something out but everything you explained can be blamed on steam and not the game. Ied check all of your options before spending an hour doing the same thing over and over again.

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Agree, often Steam doesn’t help at all, and may corrupt your mods when updating them, or go with the wrong version, cause… cause it’s Steam.

That’s why for servers i use mostly FTP to upload my mods, but co-op can be a pain so, i agree.
Also i saw more happy people while creating a small servers for themself than witht the co-op version mostly.
Stay with few mods, and make sure they are all up-to-date, and fitting the current version of the game.

@Vattende @kevbal

Thanks for your replies, but blaming Steam is a cop-out.

I play many different steam games, all with mods and other workshop content and I don’t have this issue with any other game.

  • Did you shutdown ur AV and Firewall?
    I’ve never needed a software firewall as I have a hardware firewall on my network. I’m a network engineer by trade.

  • Steam mods corrupt on downloading.
    As stated above, blaming steam is a cop-out … we have tried connecting to each other with no mods installed (physically deleted the mods) and still experience the same issue.

  • Runing a file integrity verification test is recommended.
    Done - still having the same issue.

Bottom line, I should be able to see the LAN co-op server in the “Play online” list under a “LAN” section and simply be able to connect to it… the fact that I have to jump through so many hoops to even attempt a connection is silly. Add that the connection (when an attempt is possible) always fails and the fact that I have no problem making such coop connections in any other game then this would seem to be a problem with Conan.

Its not a cop-out. We provided hard factual reason STEAM GAMES may act that way. If it didnt help you thats fine but dont you dare call FACTS a cop-out. And we dont care what you claim to be irl. This is the internet dude, no one cares and no one is listen, especially when you disregard facts that a network engineer would get. Wow, you were the straw that broke the back.

kev, signing off from this hateful community for good.

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You’re right that there is plenty people around having issue, and this because how Steam is handling the files and updates.

After free to each and all to listen or not. Sure i will not lose my time nore to tell them what they want listen.

Bad you want leave, the community is allways what it is, and there are days with and without, don’t forget. :wink:

I posted this to report an issue that should not be present in the released version of any game.

Looking around these forums though, it looks like FunCom have simply stopped responding and the “This topic will close 7 days after the last reply.” message at the footer indicates that they have no wish to have any discourse with players.

It’s a shame as it looks like a good game but I shouldn’t need a work-around, or to spend time troubleshooting to play a game on the platform it was released to. Game returned for refund.

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