Cant play on exiled Lands


Game mode: *[Online pvp
**Type of issue: Crash | Bug
Server type: PvP |
Region: *[ EU
Hardware: *[ Ps4 pro

Bug Description: cant play on exiled Lands .

Soo i was playing on siptah for the last months and thought i get in to exiled Lands again and when i got in i started rubberbanding and stuttering and i Lost connection so i tried again and again and again and It didnt work i kept rubberbanding stuttering and getting kicked off the Server so i thought i try another Server
Turnst out i cant play on any oficial exiled Lands Server only on siptah every server stutters even in character creation It starts frame dropping so i land in the dessert and cant move i tcant be the connection since i have good internet and in siptah servers i can all play normally its only on exiled land i also tried reinstalling the game twice but still im rubberbanding and stuttering till i get connection Lost message all my Friends can play normally It seems to be my problem bit i dont know why It happens would be nivel to hace some answers…<3

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