Can't Register or Log-in

I’ve successfully downloaded the game and successfully registered but no matter how many times I’ve tried to LOGIN, I’m met with the same rejection saying my username or password are not correct. I’ve tried logging in from the game and from the Funcom site; I’ve tried 5 different email accounts and countless variations of usernames and passwords and I get to the exact same point of having my registration accepted but my LOGIN not work.

Maybee you IP address has been blocked by FC due to security reasons (tried to log in/changed your PW too often). Can you log in with a different IP address to check this?

can you login at the ACC page ?

a long time ago i have a same prop , my game did not have the latest update

Thanks, Canuba, that worked although I’m sure I’ve been trying that all along. Nonetheless, I’m in … I hope the game is worth it. Thanks, again.