Can't repair foundations - bug?


Today I did log in on server which I play. Walking around my base to check if everything is ok, I found 2 foundations needing repair.

Targeting with repair hammer, the life was 100/10.000 and didnt show any tooltip with material needed to repair.
I have stones and wood and is a T1 foundation

You can see on video below:

Am I doing something wrong to repair or is a really a bug?
Any idea how to try to fix this?
I’m affraid lost a building because a foundation be destroyed which I couldnt repair.


It is not really broken. Walk away from it and come back after a few minutes. If that don’t work try to relog. I get that to. The way to know its a bug is how you see it now. Look different from when you can repair it. Shows no items to repair. No damage numbers as well.


Relog didnt work, but walk away and back worked.



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