Can't see modded servers on list

I can’t run mods on conan exiles servers. the server list screen won’t show any modded servers and when I try to select the check box to show these, the software doesn’t accept the check mark, nothing happens. i.e. it won’t let me select that option. This is on a new Win 11 Dell computer, 32 GB ram, nvidea 4060 graphics, i9 processor. Any ideas? Could it be an antivirus program?

Update: I can’t check or uncheck any of the boxes on the server list screen. Has anyone else had this problem? Is my install bugged? Aren’t a lot of people playing on Win 11?


Do you know the server’s IP? You can direct connect to it if you have the IP.

How do you find the IP address of a server? I know the name of it, etc.


The server owner should be able to give it to you. Do you have contact with them?

I found the IP address but when I try to direct connect, it says “can’t find the server”. I can’t see or connect to any modded server. Is there some setting I’m missing? Is there a Win 11 firewall or security issue?


If you can’t connect to any modded server at all then it’s something on your end. I have windows 11 as well and I never had this issue. Sorry but I’m out of ideas.

Is this a family shared account?

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Its not a shared account but I was able to fix it by reinstalling steam. Apparently, I had a bad steam install. It was good learning value, though.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

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