Cant seem to find server

some servers are not on the list help please

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Hey there, could you please tell us which server(s) you cannot see on the list?

les serveurs apparaissent tous offline

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PVE #1006 #1004 #6455
PVE-C #1043 #6456

As far i can see only a few European Servers online. Most of them not listed or 9999 ping.

Use direct connect with ip and port, working.
Get it from battlemetrics, game port.

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je visionne uniquement les serveurs 1215, 1035, 1302 et 1304 sue les serveurs UE.
tous les autres sont offline

played 7 k hours conan but never did this before… what a noob. can u give me a hand please?

All EU Official are gone dont see them can not join.

OK ca fonctionne avec l’ip.
Merci pour l’info.

hey, i have the same issue. I had 12 official servers in my favorites, now i see only 3 of them. Rest are not listed (can’t find them using search box).

Some missing servers: 1036,1214,6009,6456,6457

EU servers 1035(pve-c) and 1053(pve) are listed

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Found it … it is working. I really gratefull for this Tip. Ty Selene

Thank you for the feedback, everyone. Just to make sure of something, have you restarted the client after the patch?

Restart the game yes, many times.

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What Patch? I dont see ant patch
And yes, I restarted the game

Ive restarted and reinstalled it still no luck

Alright, for now, please try to connect via direct connect as Selene said. We’re trying to diagnose the issue for a potential fix.

How do i direct conect

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