Can't stun with blunt arrows

the stun bar returns full each time the NPC returns to its place. It is not possible to stun an NPC this way since the update.
Is it a bug or a nerf ?

Nerf - was stated in the 3.0 patch notes. I find tier 1, 2 and 3 can still be knocked out for the most part with the arrows, but no chance on a T4 (unless you can keep them aggroed some way such as kiting)

Thank you for the answer. I hadn’t paid attention to the patchnotes.
it will be complicated to knock out a berseker without this technique because my Ciria the Mad will be killed by the berseker lol

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not necesarily … if you time your attacks with your thrall´s you can tame w/e u want… basically let the thrall swing the truncheon while you wait behind the berserker… then, as the berserker starts swinging his sword you do your thing so u interrupt him as much as possible.

Proven n certified…

Edit 1: remember to AT LEAST use the Szeth’s Truncheon… that if you dont have access to the heavy weight one

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I am taking 2 previously gathered berserkers steel truncheons with advanced knock out fittings. They take more damage than before I take less and it is 3 on one now. @PiWinPanda .I would be gathering more but freezing is a issue.

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Well we are getting a update on ps4 right now it’s downloading let us see what happens. Good luck to us all. @PiWinPanda

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